He named me Malala

#WCW: Malala Yousafzai



Picture by: Annie Leibovitz

At 19 years old she is more accomplished than me for sure!

Malala Yousafzai, an incredible, activist, Novel Prize laureate, woman, always impresses me with everything she does.

I recently read her book “I am Malala” where I got to learn the difficulties for girls to get an education. Multiple times while reading this book I thought to myself… “This is what people actually are going through and what they have suffered and are continuing suffering around the world”

After reading the book I watched “He named me Malala” on Netflix which was also a great way to see and understand everything she went through.

Malala’s hard work through the Malala Fund makes me wonder if we all did a little bit for someone else everyday, how different would this world be?


#WCW: A weekly reminder that all women are beautiful and have something to say to the world.


49 Acts of LOVE

Yesterday marked a year since the shooting at #Pulse were 49 lives were taken and countless more were changed.

I was fortunate to be at Lake Eola in downtown Orlando where thousands of people, just like in last years’ vigil after the shooting, gathered to remember and to spread love and kindness.

After the memorial, I drove by Pulse on my way home. Although sad, it was incredible to see the amount of support and love there.

Today a friend forwarded this PDF with a list of  49ActsofLove. I’m not the best at staying on track sometimes but I will attempt to cross all of this off within the next year.

Visit onePULSE Foundation to make any donations.

#OrlandoStrong #OnePulse